Student job: IT Developer

Digital development and transformation as an IT developer
for new initiatives that we would like to launch

IFJ is a small, innovative company, which started in 2018. We are a tech. company that works with concepts supported by digital channels like apps and web.

Our business idea is to change the entire industry around hunting- and hunting related education through a strong – and much-needed – digitization.

Our new, groundbreaking digital concept has given us a market share of about 40% in the areas we are currently in, and our customers include both a number of the country’s best hunting schools that use our concept in their teaching, and private customers who use our platforms.

We are therefore convinced that we have found a digital business model that works, and now we want to move on. We have a number of ideas for new initiatives that we would like to launch and which we would like to integrate on our current platform. You will be the driving force behind this, as well as being expected to help maintain our existing platform.

We therefore need you to help develop and maintain the concept and, through this, you get a unique opportunity to help shape both the company and the industry. You are an ambitious developer who provides high quality solutions, and you have a natural interest in seeking out and working with the latest technological areas, in order to make the best possible solutions.

Why work for us?

You’ll be working with a wide range of technologies – from VR to Apps, APIs and web. Our app is built in React.Native and available on the App Store, Google Play and through our own webshop made with Woocommerce. Backenden is Django on mySQL. In between you will find a series of APIs built in JavaScript. Therefore, your work at the Department of Hunting will provide you with a good professional platform for your further career.

The ownership group behind the company has extensive experience and personal network from both the IT and media industries, and you will thereby collaborate with an inspiring team of people who can help stimulate both your personal and professional development.

You will in addition:

  • Gain freedom under responsibility and shape your own working day
  • Have a decisive influence on the design of our product
  • Working with leading edge technologies
  • Work with one of Denmark’s best developers
  • Join a team of nice, inspiring people who want to have fun – and help change the world

What do we expect from you?

We expect you to be able to run your own tasks. As we are a small company, everyone needs to contribute their professionalism regardless of level. You are generally outreach to getting inspiration driven by your interest in development and technologies. You can challenge our business concept in relation to where you see opportunities for development.

Said in other words, we expect you to participate in the development of our company.

Interest in hunting and nature will be a plus, but no requirement. Maybe you already have a hunting license? And if you have not, and if you are interested and live in Denmark, then we will offer you as part of the package to give you one – and then you will at the same time get to check out our digital educational concept.

Knowledge of a few of the following technologies and systems are requires (not necessarily all):

  • Database experience (mySQL)
  • App technologies and front end/backend web technologies (React, Javascript, HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery,or similar)

Wages and working conditions

Join the journey together with an experienced team in Copenhagen, where you can make a huge difference, have a big impact on your position in an ever-changing world that requires a quick response.

You will be offered flexible working conditions and a pay package that we will negotiate with you based on your current level of competence and experience.

Whether you are a resident in Copenhagen, elsewhere in the country or outside the country is less important, as the job can easily be done as purely remote teleworking.


If you want to be part of our exciting journey, please send us an application. Write a little about yourself and why you want to join us. We look forward to hearing from you and in your application we would like to see examples of apps or websites you have created.

For any questions or further information, please contact Alex Steninge Jacobsen,

Creating reality from hunting dreams for the digital hunter 

At Institut for Jagt (Hunting Institute) we believe that passion, quality and collaboration is the key to success. We put the digitalzation highest on the agenda and focus on the individual hunters need from start to end. You can read more about us here (in Danish)